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At QP Resort, meetings are more than gathering around a conference table:

They’re joining colleagues to explore the most beautiful nature, taking the afternoon to visit Finnish forest guided by highly skilled orienteering masters, journey to with teammates in a state-of-the-art kitchen in our resort.

Using the destination as foundation, meeting experiences can be crafted with beautiful venues, the latest technology, locally inspired catering and highly personalized professional service.

Everything from Team-Building to Kickoff of any Event – You may Celebrate Your Anniversary or just Enjoying A Cup of Tea or Coffee with Your Best Friend. All this  with QP Resort

Thank you for considering QP Resort as the destination for your upcoming event. We look forward to creating an indelible memory of your meeting in the minds of your guests.

At QP Resort, we want to make your event exceptional, with attentiveness to every last detail. To exceed every expectation, we offer creative catering services, sure to please the palate of all guests

Our Gourmet Chef and dedicated event staff are there every step of the way, helping you to create the perfect Menu that matches to your vision and complements your unique meeting, event, or wedding.

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